Advance Diploma in Real Estate Entrepreneurship

Fees: Rs.45000/-

Mode: Total Correspondence

Duration: 4 months

Certification: Diploma

Eligibility: Graduate

Study Material: 4

Introduction: If you want to become Builder and Developer, this is the right course for you. The course will highlight various aspects of property development which includes, acquisition of land and FSI, FSI calculations, Mobilizing Funds for Development, Legal aspects of property transaction process, Development Process and role of various professionals and agencies involved in development process, taxation, construction management and sales & Marketing.

Course Design: Legal Documentation of Property transactions and development, Land Acquisition and How to read title of Property, FSI calculations, Taxation and liabilities, Sales strategies and marketing setup, Discovering Price and optimization of Land Use, Compliance under RERA and other Indian law. Principles and Practices of Real Estate Industry in India.

For Whom: Fresher’s, Second generation of Builders and Developers, Brokers who wants to explore real estate as Builders, Professionals.